Thursday, 31 March 2016

3 Signs You Have a Gas Leak

Gas leaks are undoubtedly serious business, but they’re even more serious when they go undetected. Arm yourself with the knowledge you need to enjoy the advantages of natural gas and detect leaks that can help save lives and your property.

1. Odd Smells

To make it easier to identify leaks, a special additive is delivered to the gas streaming into your home. The additive smells like rotten eggs and is one of the most common signs of a gas leak. If you ever detect this smell, it’s best to vacate your home and immediately call the fire department.

2. Dying Plants

Take a look around your property. If you notice plants that are dying for no discernible reason, there’s a good chance you have a gas leak. Leaking gas essentially makes the soil toxic and “clogs up the lungs” of your plants, making it all but impossible for them to thrive.

3. Physical Symptoms

There are also physical symptoms associated with gas leaks. Such symptoms include:

●    Dizziness
●    Fatigue
●    Headaches
●    Sickness
●    Disorientation
●    Trouble breathing

While you might think yourself sick if you’re experiencing these symptoms, the reason behind them might be a gas leak. Contact a trusted plumbing company to help reach a conclusion.

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