Monday, 11 April 2016

Differences Between a Residential and Commercial Plumber in Apex

When you need plumbing repairs or replacement, the type of building you own is important. For example, commercial operations have very different plumbing needs than residential applications do. Here are some of the major differences to consider when you need a plumber in Apex for your commercial building or your private residence.

Number of Floors

In residential buildings, there is typically a maximum of three floors of plumbing. When a plumber takes on a job, they are going to consider the number of floors, since the more levels there are in a building, the more importance water pressure takes on in the project.

Size and Scope of Issues

Commercial plumbing repairs are typically much larger scale projects than those at residences. When you have an overflowing toilet at home, this might be a much quicker fix than the same problem would be at a commercial facility. In addition, commercial facilities usually involve lots more people who depend on the fixture than you would have at your house.

Type of Appliances

The appliances used in commercial buildings are typically much larger and industrial than the appliances you have at your home. Although this does not make the job less important, it is a major consideration when you are selecting plumbers. Visit this website to find out some differences between a residential and commercial plumber in Apex.

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